Nokia and VTT partner to equip AV with 5G

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Finnish AV research company VTT has worked with Nokia to make its VW Touareg research vehicle ‘Martti’ compatible with 5G, as part its 5G-Safe initiative. The 5G capability is mainly aimed at sending and receiving weather information to and from the cloud.

“One of the solutions being tested now in the project is a Nokia 5G connectivity in Martti, which allows the car to send its observations to a server for analysis across a low-latency 5G link. The data can be used to adapt the car’s behaviour according to actual road weather conditions,” said Matti Kutila from VTT’s RobotCar crew team.

The radio equipment was supplied by Nokia as part of the telecom operator’s long-standing 5G Test Network cooperation with VTT and other partners. The 5G Test Network allows businesses and other partners to develop increasingly sophisticated new solutions and services that enable a transition to the 5G era via series of improved LTE generations.

By Illya Verpraet

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