Connected and autonomous tech part of Karma Group strategy

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At this week’s Los Angeles Auto Show, Southern California-based Karma Group presented its five-prong strategy for growing long-term brand value, through a combination of retail sales, partnerships, investments, and licensing its engineering, design, customization and contract manufacturing resources.

Karma’s path forward will comprise two vehicle platforms, two core technologies and five intelligent technology ecosystems. One of the ecosystems is Karma Drive, which covers passive, active and intelligent safety features and growing autonomous technologies.

“Karma is more than just a car company,” said Karma CEO Dr Lance Zhou. “Karma is a high-tech incubator, and a supplier to others who need our engineering, design, customization and manufacturing resources to speed their product development or make use of our ability to apply luxury touches.”

The other technology ecosystems are Karma Skateboard (a modular platform for BEV and EREV propulsion systems), Cockpit (an immersive and personalized traveling environment), CarNet (5G connected vehicles) and Cloud (cloud computing, data integration, analytics and AI).

“These ecosystems will be where we plant our competitive flag to achieve our business goals and establish our long-term value proposition,” Zhou explained. “We will use partnerships with startups, academia, companies, service providers, and developers who can benefit from Karma’s five technology ecosystems.”

Karma’s technology-focused ecosystems are supported by fully certified products already on the road that can serve as technology testbeds (including the Revero GTS (pictured), which was also revealed at the show); a fully operational manufacturing facility; and a complete line of engineering and design resources and key components that can be used by other OEMs and startups to bring their products to market faster and with less cost.

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