AiDEN Automotive reveals AiDEN Services Hub, a connected vehicle solution

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Connected services platform AiDEN Automotive has been giving details of the AiDEN Services Hub, which enables real-time communication and tailored services across vehicle brands, infrastructure and service providers to create a better in-vehicle experience.

To make the idea of connected vehicles a reality, the automotive industry requires a bi-directional connected services network that provides the complete and effective delivery and management of digital services, in addition to communication, revenue and privacy compliance across all parties – OEMs, service providers and drivers.

At present, cloud integrations, mobile apps and external onboard diagnostic hardware provide only partial solutions, use anonymous data and lack scalability and compliance with current privacy regulations.

The AiDEN Hub is claimed to be the first bi-directional service hub for the automotive sector. The software-only solution streams real-time services across vehicle brands, providing a simple and intuitive experience for OEMs, service providers and drivers. With 100% GDPR and CCPA compliance, the company’s consent management feature ensures improved, personalized features and experiences while maintaining a high level of privacy protection.

“Different car brands cannot talk to other car brands, cities can’t talk to cars, insurance companies can’t talk to cars, and most communication to vehicles is one-way. The industry’s current infrastructure is too slow and fragmented, and everyone does it differently,” said Niclas Gyllenram, CEO of AiDEN Automotive. “We knew it was possible to create a world where your vehicle anticipates your every need, delivering tailored services to you in an instant while at the same time providing a platform for OEMs and service providers to create added value for drivers, while also creating new revenue streams. It’s a win-win-win for everyone.”

“AiDEN brings a fresh approach to putting vehicle data to work seamlessly in service of the consumer while simultaneously being GDPR compliant,” said Roger Lanctot, director of automotive connected mobility at TechInsights.

The company uses a single software install that sits on top of a vehicle’s Android Automotive OS (AAOS), standardizing data and communication. This ensures a consistent set of normalized data. The off-the-shelf software takes minutes to install, can be installed over the air (OTA), and enables infinite in-vehicle services that provide contextual and tailored user experiences for new and existing cars.

The AiDEN HUB enables OEMs to dynamically manage services and data through one system instead of having to manage data streams from dozens or hundreds of different service providers. Additionally, the solution provides OEMs with complete access and control over managing, monitoring and monetizing services in real time. The manufacturers can also choose which services to connect with their vehicles and specify which services are offered in specific vehicles by VIN. This means OEMs can easily and effectively activate services at any geographic scale.

Lynk & Co is currently testing AiDEN’s technology on its production cars, to bring more tailored services to customers. Furthermore, Road.Travel is offering adaptive travel guides using the solution, consisting of virtual guidance with road trips made by experts, which evolve with users’ needs, interests and budgets. This is accessible through all devices, including in-car screens.

“We are excited to be working with amazing companies who are leaders in their industries as our inaugural service partners, as it validates the value that AiDEN brings to not only the driver but also service partners and OEMs,” added Gyllenram.

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