Wejo reveals DLIVEREE autonomous vehicle prototype  

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Autonomous technologies business Wejo has unveiled DLIVEREE, an AV prototype which is being used to develop and demonstrate the company’s own Autonomous Vehicle Operating System (AV-OS). The software uses live, real-time connected vehicle data to support the development, testing and operation of future AVs.

DLIVEREE enables Wejo to build, test and demonstrate its own live API data powering AV development projects. These include freight, delivery and robotaxi or ride-hailing vehicle use cases. Wejo showcased the first prototype during its Data in the Desert on-track driving experience event in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The DLIVEREE AV enables vehicle-to-vehicle communication, uses cloud-based road intelligence to anticipate the road ahead and can capture lidar and camera data for simulation, modeling and visualization.

Through the DLIVEREE project, Wejo aims to represent the next stage of evolution for AV-OS by demonstrating how AV developers can use connected car data which integrates real-time parameters. These parameters include the number of cars on the road, construction barriers, pedestrians crossing the street, cyclists, slippery roads or dangerous weather and road conditions.

Wejo hopes that its prototype will support the standardization of a common connected vehicle language for AVs to communicate real-time road settings and vehicle status, and also to inform digital twin testing.

“To be clear, Wejo is not entering the race to develop autonomous vehicles, but we are propelling AV adoption forward, and the prototype we are developing will demonstrate how Wejo’s AV-OS can empower AV developers by rapidly accelerating innovation to realize the full potential of AVs,” said Richard Barlow, founder and CEO, Wejo. “We want to help reduce the 1.3 million deaths that happen each year on the road and the additional eight million due to emissions.

“Instead of learning from historical data, our edge-based processing of live API data will provide intelligence on long-range conditions across traffic and roadways and democratizes access to live, real-time connected vehicle data, resulting in safe and efficient AV development – and truly autonomous AVs. We are ultimately supporting the creation of the most experienced driver on the road.”

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