Rinspeed to show off MetroSnap in Geneva

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Rinspeed’s modular mobility system MetroSnap will make its European debut at the Geneva International Motor Show on March 3, 2020.

The MetroSnap builds on the previous Snap and microSnap where the chassis and body can be separated, creating a sustainable foundation for the autonomous transporting people and goods, according to Rinspeed.

The Swiss automobile manufacturer and tuning designer says MetroSnap presents a simple, fast, safe and inexpensive modular system for vehicle bodies, and Rinspeed has filed for patent protection.

Rinspeed says swapping the body means it can be used to transport people or goods depending on requirements.

It can function as a parcel station for a certain period, for example, with Rinspeed promising an end to packages left unattended, thefts and failed delivery attempts, and the associated pollution and traffic.

Frank Rinderknecht, founder of Rinspeed, said, “People desire ever more convenience and simplicity in their lives, and we want to make this possible with our innovative transport solutions.”

Batteries are split between the Pod (vehicle body) and the Skateboard (chassis), so the MetroSnap does not need to be parked for charging.

Charging takes place while cleaning or loading the pod, with Rinspeed calling this a ‘hot swap’ – the swapping of vehicle bodies in a matter of seconds.

Rinspeed has worked with a number of partners, including Ibeo Automotive Systems to provide laser scanners for autonomous driving. Ibeo has provided lidar sensors to ensure that obstacles and people are detected while the vehicle is moving and during the Pod swap.

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