Partnership for complete AV sensor array announced at Shanghai Auto Show

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Chinese lidar sensor developer RoboSense announced at the Shanghai Auto Show that it is partnering with four other companies to develop the Smart Sensor System to enable automation of passenger cars, low-speed vehicles, robo-taxis, as well as further V2I.

The other companies involved are Horizon Robotics, Cainiao Network, Sensible 4 and AutoX. The Smart Sensor System will combine new lidar hardware AI point cloud algorithms and an IC design for a one-stop sensor strategy.

RoboSense also announced two new lidar products that will be integral to the complete system. The RS-Bpearl is a wide-angle lidar designed to eliminate blind spots, with a 360 x 90° field of view and a 30m detection range.

The other new sensor, the RS-Ruby, is a 128-beam lidar with 0.1° resolution three times higher than its predecessor, as well as a detection range that has also increased threefold.

The Smart Sensor System for robo taxis uses one RS-Ruby unit for 360° overall perception, and two RS-Bpearl lidars on the sides of the car’s hood to cover blind spots. For low-speed vehicles, RoboSense has partnered with Alibaba’s Cainiao Network, using just RS-Bpearl lidars for perception.

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