Ford Autonomic partners with Alibaba cloud to advance connected car fleets in China


Autonomic, a connected vehicle company that was taken over by Ford in February, has signed a memorandum of understanding with Alibaba Cloud to introduce Autonomic’s Transportation Mobility Cloud (TMC).

TMC is a cloud-based platform for connected cars that provides standardized data and infrastructure.

The platform should make it easier for developers to build new software that advances connected vehicle technology. It also offers functionality for managing a large-scale fleet for a ride-hailing business and of routing self-driving cars on busy streets.

“The TMC is positioned to help auto makers succeed and meet growing demand for connected vehicles and mobility services in China,” said Gavin Sherry, co-founder and CEO of Autonomic. “Through this partnership with Alibaba Cloud, we will accelerate our vision of creating the largest connected vehicle offering globally, while powering smart cities and vehicle connectivity in China.”

“Alibaba Cloud and Autonomic share the same vision of redefining the future of vehicle connectivity through technology,” said Simon Hu from Alibaba Cloud. “With our new collaboration, we will be able to empower the transportation ecosystem and ultimately benefit the end users.”

By Illya Verpraet


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