Bosch investing US$4.6bn in ‘huge’ automated driving market


Bosch has announced that the development of automated driving technology and mobility solutions will be a major focus at the company and will invest up to €4bn by 2022.

As the company released its annual operating profit, it revealed its push into the next generation of mobility, which it described as a “game changer” and said “the market potential of automated driving is huge”.

With the company already dedicating 4,000 engineers to working on autonomous technology, Bosch revealed that automated driving is a focal point of its research and development and will continue to invest in the area.

It will work toward the goal of accident-free mobility through both driver assistance systems, which it expects will generate US$2.2bn of sales from its systems, as well as Level 4 and 5 driverless driving.

“Driverless driving will be a game-changer for individual mobility. It will open the door to disruptive business models such as robo-taxis and shuttle-based mobility,” said Dr Volkmar Denner, chairman of the board of management at Robert Bosch. “In the period up to 2022 alone, we expect our up-front investments to total €4bn.”

The profit report also goes into the depth of Bosch’s plans for its development of a comprehensive ecosystem for such mobility services and how it is developing technology and services for shared mobility – a market it expects will increase by 50% by 2030 to be worth in the region of US$160bn.


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