BMW Group partners with Baidu for AV development


The BMW Group will join Baidu’s open-source autonomous driving platform Apollo as a board member. The two companies signed a memorandum of understanding detailing this agreement.

“BMW Group and Baidu have been actively exploring the intelligent vehicle sector and are well-aligned in our vision for the future of autonomous driving,” said Ya-Qin Zhang, president of Baidu.

“We hope this deepened cooperation will bring Chinese consumers intelligent and comfortable product experiences. Our aim is to accelerate the development of autonomous driving technologies that align with the Chinese market.”

Klaus Fröhlich, member of the board of management of BMW AG for development, said, “Strong ties between automotive and tech leaders are our key to success in the marathon towards autonomous driving. We are striving for consistent technology standards globally to overcome today’s regional discrepancy regarding speed of implementation and regulatory framework.

“With BMW Group and Baidu joining forces we can significantly accelerate the alignment of specific requirements and technological approaches to turn the vision of autonomous driving into reality for Chinese customers very soon.”

By Illya Verpraet


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