Aisin and Vayyar Imaging sign exterior sensing partnership


Tier 1 supplier Aisin Seiki and 4D imaging sensor technology company Vayyar Imaging are collaborating to provide high resolution short-range radar (SRR) for exterior vehicle sensing.

The partnership will combine Aisin’s in-vehicle system expertise with Vayyar’s 4D high-resolution SRR to develop exterior sensing capabilities for vehicles, such as blind spot detection for low-speed driving support. By providing a single-chip radar sensor, the Israeli company will contribute to Aisin’s goal of safer functionality and advanced control.

“Our MIMO 4D SRR offers a high-resolution point cloud with wide field-of-view (FOV), resilience to harsh weather conditions and the ability to cope with semi-transparent materials – all at a very affordable price,” said Ian Podkamien, director of automotive business development at Vayyar.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Aisin, a giant in the automotive ecosystem, and look forward to bringing together innovative exterior sensing solutions for the automotive industry.”


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