Automotive-grade lens for in-cabin vision systems from Immervision

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Immervision, which develops advanced vision systems combining optics, image processing and sensor fusion technology, has debuted at CES 2023 its off-the-shelf 190° lens developed to address the specific low-light in-cabin requirements for safety and comfort in the automotive industry.

The first to design wide-angle Panomorph lens technology, Immervision continues its pioneering technology with this ultra-wide field of view (FoV) lens, offering complete coverage inside the cabin to meet the needs of both driver and occupant monitoring applications. The lens distortion profile is designed to generate image quality and a pixel density targeted for crucial applications to enhance gaze tracking, passenger identification and hands on wheel tracking. 

The broadband support, from visible to near-infrared (VNIR), and the lens’s exceptional capability to capture quality images in low-light, offers versatility for complex monitoring features such as eye tracking through eyeglasses, determining safety hazards such as driver fatigue and improving passenger classification and object detection at night, without external illuminator sources. 

“In-cabin monitoring applications are evolving from luxury car options to mandatory safety features and are crucial to autonomous driving systems (ADAS),” explained Jean-Sébastien Landry, director, product management, Immervision. “With our new lens, we can combine more applications in a single camera, allowing Tier 1s and OEMs to reduce costs, have a less intrusive in-cabin design, and offer a safer and more enjoyable experience to end users.” 

The flexibility in vehicle design afforded by offering the lens in a smaller footprint, means car makers now have more complete coverage inside the cabin with fewer cameras. It also enables manufacturers to offer new capabilities to optimize comfort, such as passenger classification to automatically manage preferences and new entertainment features such as video chat or video conferencing. 

The Immervision off-the-shelf automotive wide-angle lenses are readily available for integration and available for custom designs to meet specific customer requirements. 

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