Toyota researches human decision making

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The Toyota Research Institute (TRI) has launched Machine Assisted Cognition (MAC) to predict human decision making.

MAC aims to be scalable, using available data to develop and demonstrate artificial intelligence tools that can understand and predict human behavior.

TRI has hired Franziska Bell to manage the program, who is hiring a new team of researchers including behavioral scientists.

They will have oversight of the Accelerated Materials Design and Discovery program led by Brian Storey.

Eric Krotkov, TRI’s chief science officer, said, “Our vision is to create a human amplification system for Toyota where people and machines work together synergistically to make better predictions, forecasts and business decisions, and do so more quickly.”

The MAC will pursue use-cases that could have applicable solutions for different business functions.

Once a proof of concept has been developed, the group will explore specific capabilities that can support the needs of Toyota users in different parts of the organization.

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