Synopsys joins AV computing consortium

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Software company Synopsys has joined the new Autonomous Vehicle Computing Consortium. The consortium brings together experts in the automotive, supply, semiconductor and computing industries to deliver safer and affordable vehicles.

As a consortium member, Synopsys will contribute to developing system architectures and computing platforms to address the challenges of deploying self-driving vehicles.

Armando Pereira, president of the Autonomous Vehicle Computing Consortium, said, “We look forward to Synopsys’s active contribution to the consortium, helping to define a reference architecture and platform that address the design requirements for autonomous driving and move today’s prototype systems to reality.”

Burkhard Huhnke, vice president of automotive at Synopsys, said, “Autonomous cars are the future of the automotive industry and require massive amounts of electronic hardware and software. Synopsys’s ‘triple shift left’ strategy is dedicated to addressing functional safety, security and reliability challenges in the automotive industry with a comprehensive suite of automotive-grade IP, design and verification solutions and software.”

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