Perrone Robotics combines GPT AI and MAX Robotics operating system to enhance AV capabilities

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AV kits and turnkey AV solutions provider Perrone Robotics has revealed that it has integrated General Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) AI technology into its General Purpose Robotics Operating System, named MAX, which forms the basis of the company’s vehicle agnostic Tony AV kit. This combination is stated to be a significant advancement in the area of AV capability as it will enable AVs to conduct more maneuvers in addition to expanding operational design domains.

Through the integration of the GPT AI technology with MAX, Perrone Robotics’ Tony-based AVs will be capable of evaluating a vast number of possible maneuvers to undertake, enabling the vehicle to make fully informed decisions in a wide range of complex, road-going scenarios. Furthermore, the GPT AI will provide MAX with improved perception and reasoning and planning capabilities to enhance safety, efficiency and adaptability.

Additionally, due to the patented, configurable and modular design of the company’s MAX software platform, a practical way of verifying and validating new maneuvers was also found. The new process partners the company’s existing patented approach to the safety verification of AVs, and delivers a new way for verifying (both offline and online) the safe operation of fully autonomous vehicle systems.

“The fusion of GPT AI technology with MAX represents a significant leap forward for autonomous vehicles,” said Paul Perrone, CEO of Perrone Robotics. “We are thrilled to witness the exponential expansion in possible operational scenarios and design domains, unlocking endless possibilities for autonomous mobility. This integration not only improves the maneuver generation capacity but also strengthens the overall autonomy of our vehicles, bringing us closer to a future of safe and efficient fully automated transportation.”

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