NEXCOM introduces ATC 3540 and ATC 3750, powered by Nvidia Jetson Orin module, for transportation AI

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The transportation sector has experienced a rapid transformation with the integration of AI, resulting in significant improvements in efficiency and safety. In response to this evolving landscape, NEXCOM Mobile Computing Solutions has introduced the ATC 3540 and ATC 3750 series. These solutions exemplify NEXCOM’s cutting-edge in-vehicle and railway edge AI platforms, offering advanced driving assistance capabilities across a spectrum of transportation applications, including on-road safety, law enforcement, material handling and earthmoving vehicle applications. Based on the Nvidia Jetson Orin NX and Nvidia Jetson AGX Orin platforms, the ATC 3540 and ATC 3750 series deliver potent edge AI computing capabilities and enable real-time data transmission through 5G, wi-fi 5/6E and 10GbE connections. This leads to reduced total cost of ownership and mitigated risks across various transportation applications.

As AI recognition technology continues to mature, the development of automatic train driving gains traction. However, safety for passengers and operators remains paramount. Achieving this entails swift backup provision and integrating AI recognition with multiple sensors into edge AI computing systems. These systems, operating under the stringent safety integration specification SIL-4, complement existing train automatic protection/operation mechanisms, minimizing the risk of accidents and fulfilling the demand for heightened safety. Nvidia’s technology empowers NEXCOM’s telematics computers to execute complex computations efficiently, and seamlessly integrate into diverse transportation systems. This shift has fueled the advancement of telematics computers, driving innovation in rail safety applications such as pantograph inspection and track obstacle assessment.

The ATC 3540, a compact and fanless mobile computer, features the Nvidia Jetson Orin NX AI inference accelerator, capable of handling high-performance AI workloads with up to 100 TOPS processing power. It suits onboard or roadside civil enforcement, off-highway vehicle assistive driving systems, automated vehicle inspections and factory automation. Operating within a wide temperature range of -30°C to +70°C and sporting an IP67 rating, the ATC 3540 thrives in demanding environmental conditions even for earthmoving and material handling purposes such as partial automation in restricted areas like logistics, ports, mines and rolling stock, reducing driver fatigue through enhanced vehicle assistance and safety features.

Contrastingly, the ATC 3750, a robust vehicle computer, is equipped with the Nvidia Jetson AGX Orin AI inference accelerator, rendering it an ideal choice for intricate computing and AI operations. Capable of processing up to 200/275 TOPS, it offers 6x GbE PoE+ ports and an optional 10GbE port for peripheral connectivity and high-speed data transmission. With an operating temperature range spanning -25°C to +70°C and the ability to decode up to 7x 4Kp30, it excels in delivering precise AI inference and rapid response times, making it suitable for safety applications, including collision avoidance in harsh environments.

NEXCOM extends software service support to Nvidia Jetson devices, integrated with the latest Nvidia Jetpack software with Ubuntu 20.04 and Linux kernel 5.10. The NEXCOM team develops bootloaders and OS image ports, equipping them with necessary peripheral I/O functionality and pre-approved communication modules, facilitating seamless solution application development by developers. Furthermore, NEXCOM’s software support extends to onboard MCUs, streamlining API, sample code and I/O utility efficiency, empowering developers to efficiently control hardware.

NEXCOM’s state-of-the-art railway and in-vehicle SKUs offer unmatched reliability

Railway SKUs are available for ATC 3540-AI4CR and ATC 3750-A6CR, featuring optional power isolation kits from the VTK PWA series, providing comprehensive power protection to meet rail industry criteria. The ATC 3540-AI4CR and ATC 3750-A6CR rail editions are well-suited for driver-assistive applications, acting as advisory systems for smart transportation. With their high-speed data processing, efficient operations and robust connectivity, they offer capabilities such as real-time obstacle detection and collision avoidance in rough terrains. These railway computers facilitate object detection and eliminate blind spots, a critical feature in environments without railway fences. Such warning systems detect and alert operators, minimizing accidents, damage, fatalities and delays while ensuring consistent transportation flow and revenue.

For in-vehicle SKUs, these systems deliver high-performance AI workloads, heightened reliability and enhanced safety, making them ideal for diverse applications in smart city development, heavy-duty applications and factory automation. With their durability, longevity, NEXCOM’s thermal expertise and efficient customization service, both systems find extensive utility across various vertical markets, setting new benchmarks for innovation and technological advancement in transportation.

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