Hayden AI receives patent for windshield camera-based perception system

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Artificial intelligence and machine-learning technology business Hayden AI has been granted a patent for its camera-based perception system, designed to be mounted on the inside of a windshield. The camera will be particularly useful for municipal vehicles such as buses.

Hayden AI says that while most camera systems for roadway object detection are mounted on the exterior of a vehicle, the company’s solution is designed to be mounted inside a vehicle, behind the windshield. Despite the glass being ‘in the way’, the perception system maintains highly accurate object detection in all light and weather scenarios.

“Our cameras’ ability to function at night is a major advancement in the field of mobile cameras,” said Bo Shen, co-founder and chief science officer at Hayden AI. “By designing a skirt around our automated license plate recognition camera (ALPR) and our AI-powered context camera, our interior-mounted camera system can accurately detect objects without windshield glare from the interior ambient light in the bus. This significantly improves the usefulness of our system for automated bus lane and bus stop enforcement.”

The patent was awarded on June 27, 2023, and is labeled US Patent number 11,689,787.

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