Volkswagen ID Buzz ADAS delivers complex functionalities

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A wide range of fully integrated latest-generation assistance systems feature in Volkswagen’s ID Buzz, such as the optionally available Travel Assist with swarm data and Park Assist Plus with memory function.

The optional Travel Assist feature can keep the ID Buzz in its selected lane while maintaining a certain distance from the vehicle in front. The vehicle can also keep to a maximum speed set by the driver. Supported by anonymized swarm data from other Volkswagen models, Travel Assist can use just one identified road lane marking to keep the ID Buzz in its specified lane. Because of this feature, the assistance system can also be used on country roads which don’t have a central lane marking.

By using swarm data Volkswagen aims to take the next step toward highly automated driving. Anonymized swarm data is generated by several hundred thousand Volkswagen Group vehicles, with vehicle fleets collecting map material with specific features from around the vehicle. These include such features as marker lines and road signs which are then turned into data and sent to the cloud. The specific data from the cloud is then sent to other Volkswagen vehicles traveling along the same roadways to improve the assistance systems.

At speeds above 90km/h Travel Assist with swarm data can support lane changes if required by the driver. The lane change process can be started and executed by tapping the turn signal, and for the operation to be executed the external sensors must not detect any objects around the ID Buzz. Additionally, the capacitive steering wheel must detect the driver’s hands before the vehicle is automatically steered into the desired lane. The driver can take over at any point during the procedure if necessary.

Travel Assist with assisted lane changing

The second optional assistance system in the ID Buzz is Park Assist Plus which benefits from a memory function feature. This system can be used to teach the ID Buzz up to five separate parking maneuvers at speeds below 40km/h and over distances of up to 50m, enabling the vehicle to be parked in a garage for example. Once the driver has carried out the maneuver once, the vehicle can save the parking procedure allowing it to be conducted solely by the ID Buzz.

Park Assist Plus also has the ability to search for a parking space and then conduct the parking maneuver by using the vehicle’s external sensors to monitor its surroundings. The ID Buzz can also complete parking which has been started by the driver. The system also provides support when driving out of parallel parking spaces.

Travel Assist with swarm data

Other driver assistance systems feature on board the ID Buzz as standard to increase safety, and include swerve support, oncoming vehicle braking when turning, Driver Alert System, Autonomous Emergency Braking Front Assist with Pedestrian and Cyclist Monitoring, lane keeping system Lane Assist, Dynamic Road Sign Display and the Car2X traffic hazard alert function which enables vehicles to inform each other of critical situations on route.

“In the ID. Buzz, iconic design meets innovative technology, and this is reflected in new convenience and assistance systems. We are taking the next step forward on the way to highly automated driving with the use of swarm data in the latest Travel Assist,” explained Kai Grünitz, member of the Volkswagen Board of Management responsible for development. “This is in line with Volkswagen’s commitment to offer premium technology and innovations in as many models as possible.”

Park Assist Plus with memory function

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