Velodyne Lidar introduces solid-state sensor for automotive applications

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Velodyne Lidar has released its latest model, the Velarray H800, a solid-state system engineered specifically for automotive applications and built using the company’s proprietary micro-lidar array architecture (MLA).

According to the company, the sensor combines long-range perception and a broad field of view, while a compact, embeddable form factor is designed to fit neatly behind the windshield of a truck, bus or car. The company says the H800 will be available at high-volume production levels with a target price of less than US$500.

A field of view of 120° (horizontal) by 16° (vertical) gives what Velodyne says is outstanding detection of peripheral, near-field and overhead objects while addressing corner cases on sloping and curving roads. It can also provide perception data at a range of up to 200m, important for supporting safe stopping distances even at highway speeds. Additionally, the sensor can be paired with Velodyne’s Vella software suite, enabling the full spectrum of safety features.

“Velodyne’s launch of the Velarray H800 lidar sensor, which is the first in a family of solid state lidars we will be releasing publicly, is important to auto makers for three reasons,” explained Anand Gopalan, Velodyne Lidar CEO.

“First, the Velarray H800 was specifically designed for high-volume automotive applications with feedback from leading OEM customers. It uses Velodyne’s global network of high-quality manufacturing partnerships that provide the high quantity auto makers need.

“Second, Velodyne’s proprietary technology and experience, combined with our manufacturing capacity, allow us to offer the sensor at a price that makes economic sense for auto makers. Third, the world needs enhanced safety in consumer vehicles and the Velarray product line makes that available to end consumers creating safer roadways and cars for all.”

“We want to help build the public’s trust in automated vehicle systems,” added Marta Hall, Velodyne founder and CMO. “We believe the Velarray H800 is the first of many lidar sensors that will be used in systems for powerful vehicle safety. Velodyne is introducing it as a key sensor for systems designed as building blocks for vehicle safety. Once the public experiences the benefits of reliable automated safety systems, they will welcome more products like this. We can save lives with ADAS.”

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