Terranet showcases motion awareness system with 20ms reaction time

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ADAS developer Terranet has announced that its 3D motion awareness technology VoxelFlow has achieved latency numbers claimed to be unprecedented within the industry.

In a joint presentation with Mercedes-Benz, Terranet successfully showcased VoxelFlow’s potential integration with Mercedes-Benz’s real-time map streaming technology LiveMap in addition to demonstrating the system’s reaction time in a Mercedes-Benz’s Maybach S-Class Configurator.

Testing has shown that the system can react to objects in less than 20ms, shaving precious time off the industry standard 300ms expected by ADAS tech companies.

“Our technology has the ability to identify and classify moving objects much faster than existing systems, it sets a new potential safety standard for what is possible when it comes to ADAS and autonomous driving technology, but is only the beginning for Terranet,” said Pär-Olof Johannesson, CEO of Terranet.

“Now we aim to utilize those revolutionary latency numbers in combination with our unique AI software stack for classification of objects. Ultimately, VoxelFlow is developed with roadway safety as a first priority. With the recent tests from the test track, we have proven our technology is outperforming current ADAS systems in speed, the future of zero roadway accidents is even closer.”

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