Subaru debuts new ADAS technology

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The latest generation of Subaru’s Levorg will feature a new ADAS, which will be powered by supplier Xilinx’s Eyesight technology. At its heart is the company’s Zynq UltraScale+ multiprocessor system-on-a-chip (MPSoC), designed specifically to handle the dynamic demands of ADAS processing. Subaru says the system will underpin features including adaptive cruise control, lane-keep assist and pre-collision braking.

“At Subaru, we continuously strive to make the Subaru brand prominent in our customers’ hearts and minds by focusing our efforts on providing enjoyment and peace of mind, and we believe ADAS is one of the technologies that will help us achieve that goal,” said Tetsuo Fujinuki, chief technology officer at Subaru Corporation.

“Stereo cameras are at the heart of Subaru’s ADAS applications,” he continued. “Unlike common approaches, the image processing technology adopted in our new-generation system scans everything captured by stereo cameras and creates high-precision 3D point clouds, enabling us to offer advanced features such as pre-collision braking at an intersection and assisting with hands-off driving in traffic congestion on a highway.”

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