Skoda rolls out Octavia driver assistance systems

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With the launch of its latest Octavia model, Skoda is introducing a host of driver assistance systems, some all new, others updates of existing technology.

The company said that up to 20 different sensors feed data and information back to the systems. For example, a turning assistant system can detect oncoming traffic at intersections when turning left and warn the driver in good time. The vehicle will even stop automatically to prevent a collision, if necessary. The same sensors are employed for the car’s exit warning system, which detects vehicles or cyclists approaching from behind when a door is opened. The sensor range is up to 35m.

Further functionality takes the form of the side assist system which can detect vehicles approaching from behind or in the blind spot up to a distance of 70m. A warning light appears on the inside of the exterior mirrors. If the driver nevertheless switches on the indicator, the system actively intervenes by correcting the steering to prevent collisions when changing lanes on motorways and dual carriageways.

Front Assist with anticipatory pedestrian and cyclist protection offers added safety in the city. It detects vehicles in front and stationary vehicles as well as cyclists and pedestrians moving in front of the vehicle. The system gives visual and acoustic warnings and, in critical situations, initiates braking to actively prevent a collision.

Skoda said a 360° camera system will be available from autumn 2020, providing an overview of the immediate surroundings when parking and maneuvering. Four cameras create a 360° image around the vehicle, which is shown on the central display in the cockpit.

Adaptive cruise control, which automatically matches vehicle speed to vehicles in front up to 210km/h, has also been upgraded. In its predictive version, the system now also uses the camera on the windshield as well as data from the navigation system to automatically adjust speed to the course of the road. Both variants feature a stop-and-go function that automatically decelerates vehicles with DSG to a standstill and then automatically resumes driving within three seconds.

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