Renault Morphoz previews 2025 vision

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Renault has unveiled it vision for the future with the Morphoz concept car, an electric car with Level 3 autonomy.

The crossover vehicle showcases the French manufacturers vision for mobility beyond 2025 in a shared electric future.

Morphoz is part of the transformation to smart cities where connected technologies, smart and open data, Internet of Things devices, smart networks, new materials and clean energies design and build a better future.

Level 3 autonomy enhances safety by removing human error, with sensors also detecting pedestrians and cyclists, actively alerting the driver in manual mode.

The level of autonomy allows the driver to release the steering wheel and hand over control to the system in defined situations and on authorized roads.

The system still requires the driver to take back control in the event of potential hazards or when the vehicle sensors are no longer able to read the road trajectory correctly such as in bad weather.

Renault is already offering Level 2 autonomy in new cars and will fit future models with Level 3 systems when regulations permit it to do so.

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