Qumulo supplies AutonomouStuff with data management solutions

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Hybrid cloud file storage provider Qumulo is partnering with autonomous technology company AutonomouStuff to manage data.

AutonomouStuff will integrate and resell Qumulo’s hybrid cloud file storage worldwide.

The integration enables AutonomouStuff‘s partners to simplify how they manage and utilize large data sets and they use cloud services.

Qumulo will enable AutonomouStuff to send large volumes of file data directly to research, development and operational applications without complex tiering or specialized storage networks.

Autonomous research spans different modes of transportation including automobiles, trucks, trains and golf carts.

Bobby Hambrick, founder and CEO of AutonomouStuff, said, “ADAS [advanced driver assistant systems]and autonomous vehicle research presents data dilemmas at an unprecedented scale, so it’s critical we bring the right storage solution into a project at inception. Integrating Qumulo’s modern hybrid file software into our offering allows us to provide the simplicity of a single, easy-to-manage solution that also provides a path to the cloud and cloud-based applications.”

ADAS and autonomous vehicle research requires large file storage, with Qumulo’s software being designed to store exabytes of data.

Michael Cornwell, CTO of Qumulo, said, “Qumulo’s hybrid file software brings a fast, easy-to-use solution for solving the challenges of sensor data management for large-scale ADAS and IoT workflows from the vehicle to private and public clouds. We are excited to partner with AutonomouStuff, a recognized leader in this space, and to accelerate research and development bringing autonomous systems to all aspects of our lives.”

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