Plug-and-play validation of Level 2 and 3 AD systems

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Foretellix, a specialist in test systems for AD and ADAS, has announced the release of a system to verify the safety of automated driving functions on a large scale.

The Israel-based company says the package provides a turnkey verification solution that requires minimal integration with existing testing infrastructure, thanks to a verification plan and library of scenarios that automatically creates hundreds of thousands of meaningful tests and edge cases.

Ziv Binyamini, CEO and co-founder of Foretellix, said, “The growing complexity of ADAS and AV systems is presenting a new verification challenge to the automotive industry.”

The company states that the ADAS and Highway Solution is the first of a family of verification packages to harness its in-house developed Foretify coverage-driven verification platform. This, it says, makes it possible to address the unique challenges presented by different ADAS and autonomous vehicle functions, from Level 2 driver assist technologies through Level 3 semi-autonomous systems and on to Level 4 highway-focused fully autonomous systems. This enables the verification of various ADAS functions, including automatic emergency breaking (AEB), automated lane keeping systems (ALKS), and others that are becoming commonly available in new models of cars and trucks.

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