Partnership looks to strengthen embedded software support for ADAS development

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Software specialists Codeplay and eSOL are to partner on a project aimed at developers of ADAS. Both companies are pioneers in their respective fields. Codeplay led the creation and definition of SYCL (pronounced ‘sickle’), the Khronos Group’s open standard C++ programming model for heterogeneous processor architectures in artificial intelligence (AI) and high-performance computing (HPC). eSOL is an embedded software specialist offering high-scale, multicore support for extreme high performance in safety-critical and secure environments, through its ‘multikernel’ commercial real-time operating system (RTOS) solution.

Through the partnership, Codeplay will integrate its Acoran software platform with eSOL eMCOS, an ultra-scalable RTOS platform, allowing advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) application developers to port their software using modern C++ to eSOL’s reliable and familiar framework.

According to the companies, the strategy for integration will start with a multicore CPU environment and then grow to support integrated accelerators for AI and computer vision (CV) functions.

Codeplay’s Acoran software platform provides programmability, optimized processor-specific routines and a wide ecosystem of domain-specific optimized libraries for exascale and AI. A key foundation of Acoran is SYCL, an open standard programming model that enables heterogeneous programming based on standard ISO C++. Heterogeneous programming is the basis for today’s growing HPC, AI and machine learning applications. According to the company, SYCL has been gaining momentum as embedded C++ developers look for a non-proprietary programming model.

eMCOS is a real-time operating system platform for next-generation embedded applications with high performance and functional safety requirements. It combines a common POSIX user interface with an underlying multikernel architecture to enable the highest possible performance on modern multicore and manycore hardware by reusing available source code. eSOL notes that eMCOS has been developed from scratch and designed to meet the most stringent quality, safety and security standards of automotive and industrial critical embedded applications.

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