Nissan’s most advanced driver assist system to be powered by Trimble technology

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Nissan is set to use Trimble RTX technology for its high-accuracy positioning source which will enable hands-off and guided freeway driving capabilities using the ProPilot Assist 2.0 driver assistance system which will first be used on the 2023 Nissan Ariya.

Unlike traditional global navigation satellite systems which can suffer from signal drift of up to 10 meters, the Trimble RTX solution delivers a much higher level of accuracy which enables consistent lane determination for driving applications. At present, lane-level accuracy through ADAS where the driver still makes vital decisions is viewed as a key enabler on the path toward fully autonomous technologies.

Nissan’s ProPilot Assist 2.0 system allows for hands-off driving when traveling in a single lane. When the vehicle approaches a road divide, or if passing a slower vehicle is possible, the OEM’s system decides on the appropriate timing of branching off or passing based on information from the navigation system and 360° sensing. To enhance safety, the vehicle provides audio and visual guidance to the driver, who will then be prompted to put both hands on the steering wheel to confirm the operations.

Trimble’s positioning solution – which is underpinned by its integrity monitoring capabilities – has been designed to deliver consistent lane-level positioning in real-world scenarios. Furthermore, RTX is capable of providing decimeter-level accuracy in seconds, meaning the technology is well suited to autonomous driving applications.

The RTX network is supported by a globally redundant and resilient infrastructure – backed by a team of ISO 20000-certified network engineers and IT specialists who are responsible for monitoring operations 24/7 to ensure optimal signal performance and reliability.

“Trimble has been at the forefront of precise positioning for decades and has served the automotive segment for nearly as long,” said Patricia Boothe, general manager, on-road autonomy at Trimble. “We’ve applied the combination of technology leadership and domain experience to enable more than 30 million miles of confident driving with hands-off driving systems.”

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