General Motors launches program to improve consumer confidence in ADAS

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A consumer education program has been launched by General Motors called ‘Hands Free, Eyes On’ to enhance consumer confidence with the use of advanced driver assistance systems. The program forms part of the OEM’s commitment to safely deploying ADAS technology, including its own Super Cruise hands-free driving system.

Through the launch of the ‘Hands Free, Eyes On’ program, GM aims to explain current ADAS to consumers, ranging from active safety to hands-free systems such as Super Cruise. The program – available for all customers – will provide information on systems which need the driver’s constant attention on the road. This includes vehicles fitted with Super Cruise, as the driver’s eyes are required to be on the road at all times – even if their hands are not on the wheel – to ensure the safe operation of the vehicle.

“We know that to help achieve our vision of zero crashes, we must increase the adoption of ADAS and proactively highlight the benefits they offer,” said Scott Miller, GM vice president, Software Defined Vehicle and Operating System.

“To increase usage, we must help drivers understand how currently available technologies, like Super Cruise, work and the responsibility drivers have when using ADAS features. We want customers to be assured of what we are doing to safely deploy these technologies.”

GM outlines the core elements of safe deployment to be: a commitment to testing and validation, integrating a comprehensive set of sensor technologies, ensuring technologies have driver attention systems, keeping its maps updated by monitoring roads, and working with the public sector and educating consumers and other stakeholders.

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