Foretellix outlines the details of its latest Foretify LogIQ platform

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To aid in data collection for validating the quality and safety of automated driving systems (ADS) and ADAS, Foretellix has announced Foretify LogIQ – a tool for maximizing the utilization of drive log data – as part of its safety-driven verification and validation (SDV) vision.

The powerful LogIQ solution can identify scenarios of interest and break them down to their sequential building blocks, detecting edge cases and anomalies, extracting KPIs and coverage and providing a powerful log visualization tool. Furthermore, the Foretify platform with LogIQ delivers a unified verification and validation (V&V) flow which combines real-world test drives and virtual simulation in a single platform.

Foretellix’s latest solution conducts a deep analysis of log data to identify scenarios of interest using an extensive library of standard scenario definitions provided by the company or using custom scenarios provided by the user. Additionally, Foretify LogIQ can extract parameters, calculate KPIs and checks and collect coverage information in a scenario-specific context.

Foretify LogIQ and its features enable many different use cases including recreating concrete and abstract real-world scenarios in simulation for improved debugging and faster turnaround time for bug fixes, or to simulate variations of concrete scenarios from drive logs using the Foretify constrained-random test generator. Furthermore, Foretify LogIQ can analyze coverage, KPIs and pass/fail checks of real-world driving logs at scale using Foretify Manager and correlate them to simulation results, in addition to using extracted real-world driving parameter values and distribution to calibrate and optimize simulation testing.

LogIQ also includes an artificial intelligence-based anomaly detection engine which can identify anomalies not associated with specific scenarios. The capability can aid development teams in detecting and debugging the rare and unexpected behavior of objects, actors and the system under test (SUT) while also identifying missing KPIs and checks for future testing.

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