First responders trained on driverless shuttles

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AV implementation company Beep is launching a program with driverless shuttle manufacturer Navya to train first responders in how to deal with AVs in an emergency. The sessions cover how to interact with the vehicle in emergency situations and how to operate the vehicle.

“As first responders, our knowledge and skills need to keep evolving with the automotive technology that people have access to now and in the future” said Orlando fire chief, Richard Wales, whose fire department was part of the first group to receive the training.

“We are very pleased to be participating in this training exercise and we look forward to learning the protocol for operating and addressing any situations with these vehicles should they be present at an incident.”

The training is held by experts from Navya’s North American assembly plant, familiarizing first responders with the systems on the AUTONOM shuttle, for which Beep is the Florida dealer.

Joe Moye, Beep’s CEO, commented, “Our commitment and responsibility for making sure people are moving around safely on our shuttles is our priority and this training ensures that first responders are familiar with the vehicles and can confidently interact with them should the need arise.”

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