CES debut for Aisin Group’s autonomous concept vehicle

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Global Tier 1 automotive supplier Aisin Group this week took the wraps off i-mobility TYPE-C20, its second concept vehicle in as many years to be revealed at CES. The automated, bus-like ride-sharing vehicle is designed for future community use and is equipped with technologies from three Aisin focus areas: connected; automated; and electrification.

The vehicle’s goal is to demonstrate the connection and interaction between the vehicle, its human riders and cloud-based data. In the connected area, an in-cabin monitoring system and location-based data combine to provide transportation that aligns with specific user needs and destination, according to the company. The system also connects with external information resources, meaning onscreen graphics can change and respond to rider interest and local attractions.

For the automated aspect, the driverless vehicle is intended for short destinations, such as visits to the local shopping mall. By using a number of sensors, i-mobility TYPE-C20 detects obstacles outside the vehicle to provide safe and comfortable mobility. A slim, durable Aisin-proprietary electric ramp extends for safe and convenient boarding access for wheelchairs and strollers.

Meanwhile, the electrification area is taken care of by incorporating various Aisin products designed for EVs – the eAxle, regenerative braking system, electric ramp and lower, rail-free power sliding doors, and heat management and thermal control. These products are said to allow more space for a larger battery, thereby providing extended range.

Aisin Group collaborates with various global partner companies to research and develop advanced technologies. Several of these start-up partners, which support future mobility and related initiatives, were introduced at the Aisin booth: FleetOps (Canada – connected technology development); Aeye (USA – sensing technology development); and Stradivision (also USA – image recognition technology development).

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