Bosch and Plus to deliver assisted driving solutions for commercial vehicles

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Bosch and Plus have agreed to combine the latter’s PlusDrive solution with the integrated steering system from Bosch to deliver driver assistance and partially automated features for commercial vehicles.

PlusDrive-enabled L2++ vehicles feature a predictive 360° surround-perception system and provide partial automation by helping drivers with acceleration, braking and steering. Working together, the PlusDrive software-based system and the Bosch hardware plus software steering solution deliver several assisted driving and automated functions. These include traffic-jam assist, merge handling, driver-initiated and suggested lane change, over-the-air updates, lane nudge, sensor self-calibration, driver attentiveness detection and other automated driving features. Furthermore, when partnered with Bosch’s steering system for lateral control, the PlusDrive system can deliver assistance capabilities to reduce the chances of accidents occurring.

“New mobility solutions require new, enhanced collaboration,” said Paul Thomas, executive vice president of mobility solutions, Americas at Bosch. “Our agreement with Plus complements existing Bosch portfolio elements and is one of multiple ways we can work together to support our customers.”

“Plus’s underlying next-generation safety solution enabled by our open autonomy platform, combined with Bosch’s steering software system, will help to prevent accidents in commercial vehicles and make roads safer,” said Shawn Kerrigan, COO and co-founder at Plus. “The proven commercial readiness of our highly automated Plus system accelerates the deployment for our partners and improves the safety and sustainability of the trucking industry.”

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