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Aimsun is a software and services company dedicated to solving the world’s most complex mobility problems.
Thousands of clients worldwide use Aimsun software for strategic transport planning, traffic engineering and mobility management. Clients include departments of transportation, engineering consulting firms, research institutions and developers of the latest technology in self-driving and connected vehicles.
Aimsun has been involved in driverless vehicle research for more than four years, delivering the modeling capabilities on a variety of ground-breaking projects.  Working with OEMs, partners and researchers, Aimsun has worked on simulating the interaction between autonomous and human-driven vehicles as well as with pedestrians and cyclists, understanding cross-border deployment, artificial intelligence and the implementation of driverless pods.
Testing every possible driverless scenario that could arise in the real world would be impossible and even unnecessary. Many of the algorithms used for automated driving can be virtually tested and refined, and the effect of adding driverless vehicles into the overall transport fleet is something that can be simulated using the latest modeling techniques.
This modelling has been vital to help the CAV industry and its partners to develop hardware and software.  Simulation in a virtual world is necessary to analyse how the situation changes as more vehicles are added.
Traditionally, Aimsun has enabled authorities to plan their transport more confidently and as we move into the new CAV mobility sector, Aimsun has built a deserved reputation of being a reliable and trusted partner.