Maxim releases PMICs for ADAS


Maxim Integrated Products has presented a range of power management integrated circuits (PMICs) that are optimised for ADAS systems.

The new range of products addresses the challenge of managing DC power for these systems in electrically harsh vehicle environments.

The company claims compact size, high operating efficiency, low quiescent current and reduced EMI. The PMICs also feature integrated ASIL-B/D electrical protection.

The MAX 20019 is a more compact dual synchronous step-down converter. The MAX20087 is an ASIL-B/D grade camera module protector IC that includes an I2C interface to report on over- or undervoltage and faults. It monitors up to four 600mA coax channels and isolates faults from individual camera modules.

The MAX20075 and MAX20076 step-down converters offer low quiescent current with peak and valley mode options. Maxim claims a peak efficiency of 91% for always-on applications and a 40V load-dump tolerance.

Finally, the MAX20014 triple-output converter features one synchronous boost and two synchronous step-down converters for smaller, simpler and lower cost designs, in addition to 2.2MHz switching frequency and spread-spectrum capability for reduced EMI.

By Illya Verpraet


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